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Dr. Chaney received his doctorate of chiropractic degree from life chiropractic college west in 2009.


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Dr. Chaney received his doctorate of chiropractic degree from life chiropractic college west in 2009. His bachelor of science degree is in kinesiology with an emphasis in athletic training, in addition he has masters of science in applied clinical nutrition. He has been working in the health and fitness industry since 1998 as a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, professor and strength and conditioning coach specializing in sports rehabilitation and performance. His journey in helping achieve a healthier community has culminated in a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on wellness as the springboard for achieving all goals.


Corrective Exercise

In order to experience lasting results it is vital that our people learn to move in ways that is supportive to their body and that coincides with the treatment that they are experiencing. Although our patients will receive good results from our treatment process alone, corrective exercise allows the results to be permanent and provides an opportunity for the patient to take ownership of their own health.


Manual Therapy

This form of therapy includes multiple approaches to obtain a specific goal based on the needs of the person. Neurological rehabilitation techniques are used in addition to chiropractic techniques, myofascial techniques (including instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) and facilitated stretching procedures


Performance Based Nutrition

Many people think of “Performance Based” nutrition as topic that is related to those interested in performing in some athletic endeavor. This is not true. We are ALL interested in performing better in something. If your life includes time sitting in front of a computer, commuting, occasional recreational sports, some traveling and an overall full workload in life; your ability to perform at your best is being challenged. If you want to perform your best, your body must have the foundation for which optimal performance is built on. Your foundation is health. You want your body to be strong, flexible, have endurance and be able to recover from the stresses that are placed upon it. Performance-based nutrition is beneficial for everyone; the difference is the program is designed based on the stressors of each person’s situation and making the body more adaptable to that particular situation. If your health is compromised it will affect your performance…….PERIOD. Some people require higher levels of health, based on the stress that is put on your body. The daily stressors in life are the determining factor. We create individual nutrition and lifestyle programs that aid hard working people to perform better at whatever their work is. These programs include whole food nutrition, evidence based supplement protocols, stress management strategies and more. Get Started Now!

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